Why do we need security guard services during an emergency?

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An emergency comes uninvited and leaves with a serious impact on us, it is your responsibility as the business owner to understand the seriousness of the consequences this can cause.

An emergency can be life threatening in the workplace like break out of a fire, an electric circuit mishap, an invasion by intruders or thieves, threats, etc.

There are a lot of emergency situations that can lead to a serious threat to the life of the employees and everyone in the property.

However, the risk is not just on the lives, but on the property as well as the sacred information preserved inside the compact safes of the workplace.

The leak or destruction of these precious assets can cause a halt in the affairs of government organisational tasks, public life, corporate offices, and even local and small scale businesses.

Security Guards as Knights

A well trained, equipped, and experienced security guard can prove to be your knight in the uniform at times of emergency and crisis. It is not an option but a necessity for an organisation to hire a security guard agency to stay in the safest place. You can rest and leave the responsibility of your security on shoulders of IPRA Security Solutions Pvt Ltd.

What role do security guards play in an emergency?

An emergency in the office place or workplace can include several situations. Naturally occurring situations can be considered under emergencies like a bomb alert, a fire breakout, a flood situation, a storm, or any events like these.

Then there can be a different category of emergencies like a scam, a theft, a conspiracy, a false fire alarm, etc. all coming out as a serious and outraging threat to the organisation. 

So what are the measure security guards take to act in such situations? Do they receive the right training to control such a situation by causing panic?

To answer it, yes they are professionally trained right and certified to handle such situations.

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Roles played by a security guard

To contain a situation of emergency, security guard agencies  provide the essential training to its guards.

In the training, they are educated with preparing a plan of escape or finding the culprit right away with minimal waste of time, on how to use the equipment, and how to take human resources and all the vital resources to safer territory.

The security guard or the chief is the handler of system alerts. They are trained with the instructions on the usage of the alert systems by their employer.

Guards are well trained with a quick amendment of identification, prevention, and management for restraining such events to save hampering the business with any losses.

The security guards are trained to concentrate their focus on minimising or occurrence of any disaster and mishaps to lower down any loss or destruction.

Their prime focus is settled on


Employees’ safety

Employees are the backbone of any business. It is impossible to run a business without loyal, hardworking, and work oriented employees.

Our security guards understand the importance of the safety of the employees of the business and company. This is why their prime commitment refers to the safety of the employees in any and every condition, no matter how hazardous it gets.

At times, just the presence of a security guard and worker can restrain a conspiracy or theft with the fear of authority present around.

Customer’s safety

Understanding the fact that a business is worthless without its customers, our security guards understand how preciously and extensively it is important for the business to make safety and security of their clients in every situation when they are on the campus.

The security guards are well trained and know it is of the utmost importance to get the customers to safe territories.

Safety of precious information

Every single piece of equipment is vital in an organisation and costs a hefty amount.

Other than that, an organisation is built on the blocks of sensitive information that serves as the basic ingredients of the organisation. No business can afford for this information to be leaked or the equipment to be destroyed.

Our security guards understand the importance of these pillars of your business and are well trained to save the vitals in any circumstances.

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