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Mr. R.N. Chaudhary, the director of the company, is a successful businessman with a rich experience of over 37 years. He holds deep knowledge and understanding of the security business and has been running to successful businesses for decades. He is renowned for his business ethics, among clients including diplomats, successful businessmen, and top government officials and among his colleagues and competitors, which include a complete dedication to his work and passion for delivering great customer service.

He believes in personal communication with clients and being flexible to their demands which then also reflects in his company’s services. “Quality is not in being a big name in the market by demanding unreasonable prices, having a complex system and being difficult to adapt, but in being small enough to be readily accessible to customers, serving them with personal touch and being flexible enough to adapt its business processes to serve charging demands” this is how Mr. Chaudhary describes his company’s policy. This trait of his has landed his business to build strong relationships with very important and security-wise critical clientele including embassies of Israel, Afghanistan, Italy, France, Ukraine, Germany, Seychelles, Vietnam, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, and  Saudi Arabia among others.

“If you are honest and are willing to work hard then people will believe in you and your business sooner or later”. Easy said than done but Mr. Chaudhary’s work, staff, and clients testify it from dealing with him over the years.  People, either his staff or the clients, have stood by him for long periods simply because they like him for those qualities. And today Mr. Chaudhary has brought the company to a stage where it is capable to deliver enormous responsibilities based on the resource pool of capable people and progressive business culture.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified & PSARA Licensed Security Agency in Delhi NCR.

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