Who do you believe arrives first on the scene whenever there is an emergency? You may have seen movies or television programs where firefighters rushed into burning buildings and doctors ran to assist in case of injury. These are what we often consider as real-life heroes – the first responders!


And what about your school security guard or the one at the mall? Are these ones like mini-heroes too? Today, let’s explore the world of first responders and find out the answer of the most asked question- are security guards first responders?

What Makes Someone a First Responder?


Let us begin by understanding who is considered a first responder?. First responders are brave people who are the first to arrive at the place of the accident. They are just like cavalry coming when things go wrong!


These heroes come in many forms:


  • Firemen: Combatting fiery fires and rescuing men from blazing buildings.


  • Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs): Giving life-saving medical aids right on the spot.


  • Law Enforcers: Protecting people from physical harm and catching dangerous criminals.


What makes a good first responder is that they can deal with many difficult situations. For example, they know how to react when there is a car crash or somebody falls seriously ill or there is a dangerous person nearby etc. They are almost Swiss army knives of emergency response – always prepared for everything!


First responders matter so much because they help people and ensure safety until extra help arrives. Often, it all comes down to them whether it is going to become one big problem or they will solve it!

Security Guards: On the Front Lines (Sometimes!)


Next, let’s talk about security personnel. You have possibly observed them, haven’t you? They are in schools, shopping malls, office buildings, and many other places. Thus, they monitor things to ensure that everyone is safe.


Sometimes, these guards can be early on pointing out suspicious activity. For instance,


  • They may notice a brawl occurring at a car park.


  • If anyone falls down and gets injured, they might also be the first to find them.


  • A strange person who wants to enter a building could not have gone unnoticed by one.


Often, at such times, security guards are the first responders, just like any other First Responders! This is while waiting right there at the front line, ready to offer help.


But here’s where things get a bit tricky: Not all security guards have similar training as firefighters’, paramedics’ or police officers’. There could be some security guards who know nothing about basic first aid while others do. It actually relies on the nature of their work and what kind of training an employer will give them.

Security Guards with Super Skills 


Despite not being fully trained emergency response providers, many security guards obtain additional knowledge, which comes in handy during emergencies.


Some of these special skills that may be acquired by security personnel include:


  • First Aid and CPR – this means that they can assist someone who is hurt or not breathing until an ambulance arrives.


  • How to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) – this is a machine that can help restart someone’s heart if it stops beating.


  • De-escalation techniques – this means that they know how to calm down angry people so fights are avoided.


  • Fire safety – some of them are taught basic firefighting skills and how to operate fire extinguishers


  • Emergency evacuation procedures – if there is a fire or anything such, they are trained on how to safely get people out of a building


These additional skills make the security guards more valuable during emergencies. Though they can certainly not substitute what paramedics or firefighters do, they can always come in handy and manage the situation before experts arrive. Further, this answers the most asked question- Are security guards first responders?

IPRA Security Solutions: Building Readiness into Security Guards!


Let us now discuss a company that is working diligently to ensure that security guards are well-prepared in emergencies. IPRA Security Solutions focuses on training security guards for the best results!


According to IPRA, a good guard is not only about how tough you look but also how prepared you are for any kind of emergency. Important skills taught in our programs include:


  • Being super observant: Often, guards will notice tiny details that may indicate trouble.


  • Effective communication: Our security guards know how to articulate incidents to emergency services and the authorities.


  • First aid knowledge: Some of the guards that we train have basic medical first aid techniques.


  • Emergency response planning: They are trained to observe correct procedures when faced with different crises requiring immediate action.


Through such training at IPRA, these officers become more like the little heroes we were talking about above. In case something goes wrong, they can act fast enough before any renowned hero (e.g., firefighters or paramedics) comes up in terms of saving the day.


According to IPRA Security Solutions, properly trained security guards can significantly contribute to keeping people safe. Their management ensures that their guards are equipped with everything necessary for any possible occurrence!

Security Guards: Unsung First Responders

The above-mentioned detailed information provides clear answers to questions like- Are security officers first responders? or Are security guards considered as first responders? To conclude, security personnel may not always be officially recognized as first responders, but they occupy essential positions during times of crisis like this one; if properly trained, they stand as the front line in providing immediate help and maintaining safety; their alertness and readiness make them dependable allies in securing our neighborhoods.

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