7 Tips for you to keep in mind when hiring a security agency in Delhi

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Living in a world where crimes like theft and burglary are common occurrences, it becomes crucial for people to keep their properties safe and secured. It is even more important for those of you, who are running active businesses and commercial activities, to consider ways in which you can assure the safety of your premises in a reliable way.

Under such conditions, hiring a Best security agency in delhi, with dependable professionals and services becomes priority. 

Here are 7 tips for you to consider when hiring a security agency in delhi  for your work/home:


1. Find out about the reputation of the agency you have in mind:


There are many ways of checking on the top security companies in Delhi—via. a simple google search, reading up reviews and ratings online on various platforms, even checking out their social media pages and presence.

This will help you give an idea about the kind of work the agency is currently doing.

 2. Know for sure if the agency is PSARA licensed:

All top security agencies have licenses and certification from the government.

Find out if the agency in your mind is licensed with valid service approval and insurance, so that in case of emergencies you are able to claim insurance and get suitable support.

  3. Get Info on how the agency trains and hires their security guards:

Security guards make for the deciding element in your search, as they are the key people responsible for protecting your premises.

It’s important for you to then find out how well have the security guards been trained, if they are capable of handling security violations professionally, what are their backgrounds, if they are equipped with the right security tools and protocols etc.

Answers to these questions will guide your search effectively, and you’ll know whether the guards are suited to your company’s needs!


4.Important to know whether the agency delivers 24×7 security:


Especially for commercial premises, security services need to be in place all day(s), with no exception.

The security agency should be willing to give you security guards on a 24-hour basis, even on days with public holidays, with the availability of guards on a rotational basis.

It should be comfortable in guaranteeing the presence of security personnel on Sundays, night-shifts and festival-days too, basically round-the-clock.


5. Ascertain what services the security agency provides:


By finding out about the types of security services the agency provides, you’ll also get a fair idea about your needs. Security company makes sure to deliver to you proper electronic security services and  surveillance like CCTV and other equipment which is under warranty, top and well-trained security personnel with experience.

You should also be sure to find a little about whether the agency provides arms to its guards or not. If your requirement is of armed guards, the agency should be able to take care of that.


6. Find out if the security professionals come uniformed or not:


Professional security agencies make sure their guards follow a uniformed clothing including police-like outfits, similar t-shirts etc.

Whether they are needed for watching over company compounds or for an event, it is important for security guards to look professionally dressed.

It gives an official impression to the on-lookers while also making sure that people in the surrounding are aware of the guard’s presence. 


7. Determine the cost of the security plan and if it fits your budget:


Although a cheap security plan would seem attractive at first, a good security agency providing you with the right services is worthy of the expense incurred.

That is not to say security services are expensive, but rather how you may need to spend an adequate amount to procure quality security services.

Top security agencies need not be expensive, but provide professional and reliable services in exchange of appropriate charges.

So, it is important you find out if the agency providing security guard services matches your affordability and overall security needs for the money you are spending on it. Significantly though, safety is priority—spend wisely!


In this day and age, security and protection of properties becomes a necessary exercise. A top security company should be ready to satisfy all your surveillance needs, be it night shifts, CCTV coverage or even customizing training of the security guards. With booming security agencies in the country, a huge range of protection services are provided to businesses and households now.

A great suggestion would be to go with a top security agency like IPRA Security Solutions Pvt Ltd, for they come at a great price with trust-worthy services and have been named as the best security company in Delhi.


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