Increasing need of hiring a security guards in Manesar

There are numerous reasons why you should hire locals when you want to hire security guards in Manesar. For instance, you will not have to pay for their training, and if you are running a business, you will have to pay a hefty amount to the local administration. Moreover, you can be assured of your safety by knowing that they are professionals and will work for the company’s payroll. In other words, you will never have to worry about the security of your property.

Though several companies offer services pertaining to security in and around Manesar, very few of them can be relied on in this regard. This is because most of these companies employ illegal immigrants as their security personnel. Moreover, the crime rate in Manesar is relatively high, hiring some unknown personnel as a security guards could be a mistake. However, hiring local security competent people would be a great idea if you have a genuine reason for wanting security.

How IPRA Security Service differ from others

Various companies will offer you security services, but before you hire anyone for your needs, you need to make sure that you hire a licensed one (like IPRA Security Solutions Pvt Ltd). The licensing process is critical and will ensure that the security service provider you hire is trustworthy and can provide you with the best protection. If you are not aware of the entire licensing procedure, you can take the help of the law enforcement agencies or the police.

The best thing about IPRA Security solutions is their consistency in providing guards whenever you need them. You will never be at a loss to find men who will help you during emergencies. If you want to get the best services from these guys, you must know how to hire security guards in Manesar. Security guards from IPRA are specially trained and have vast experience in public conduct and appropriate wearing of uniform so that they can be easily identified as security guards by anyone

In addition to this, they offer various training courses for those who want to work as guards. A basic course of training is conducted for those who want to start their career as security guards. However, the guards who want to increase their qualifications and try for higher posts can also take advanced training. The advanced training includes special operations, intelligence, weapon handling, first aid and psychology. Moreover, the guards who want to specialize in specific areas can do so.


Things to consider before hiring a security guard

  • You can check the background of security guards hired for your house by asking for recommendations from people you know.
  • You can also ask for a security guard who had worked in similar positions in the past. This will give you an idea of what type of security guard would be ideal for your home.
  • Suppose you are thinking about hiring private security firms to provide you with security. In that case, you need to check if they have a history of poor performance and if their employees are reliable.
  • You may also want to hire a security guard trained in urban warfare tactics and military tactics. These individuals will help you ward off attackers and will be less likely to be targeted themselves. They will know how to escape from a gun battle, and they will be able to restrain their victims until the police arrive.
  • You need to hire security guards familiar with the local laws since these laws vary from area to area. It may be illegal to carry a weapon in certain places, or it may be illegal to wear a taser to gain the cooperation of a potential victim.


Apart from checking out the license and reputation of the security firm, it would be best if you also considered the cost. Another advantage of hiring a professional security company to provide you with security is that they will have a well-trained team of guards who are experienced in fighting any threat. Remember that crime is on the rise, and there are more crooks out there than ever. Therefore, you need to make sure that you hire security guards that know what they are doing. Make sure that you check out the experience and training of the guards before you hire them. By hiring experienced security guards in Manesar, you can feel safe and secure knowing that your home and family are well cared for.


How can security guard agency in delhi train their officers to identify aggressive behaviour?

Dealing with aggressive behavior comes as a mandatory part of the job of a Security Guards officer.

This is why it becomes mandatory for Security Agency in Delhi to train their Security guards officers to identify aggressive behaviour of transpassers,visitors or people they are interacting with.

There is no escape to the fact. It is important for every security officer to be able to identify aggressive behavior even in a crowd. The verbal and behavioral changes are clearly visible but the security officers need to know how to read the changes.

The job is not only restricted to the in-charge or the supervisor but is a must for every single security guard officer.


Aggression is the term used for violent and hostile behavioral displays. The behavior comes with effects that can cause harm to the physical as well as a physiological imbalance to the person and others as well. The person suffering from aggression can attack the people and other surroundings in the environment with physical, verbal, or even physiological force and pressure.

This behavior can cause an outburst of a violent incident.


When we process aggression in mind, the only image that arrives is it’s physical out coming. But aggression is a lot more than just physical outbursts. There are so many other ways in which a person’s or a group’s aggression can take forms and cause serious damage to life and property.

Here is the list of nature aggression that can come up in.


  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Emotional
  • Mental (psychological)


How Security Company in Delhi needs to help the guard’s officers to identify aggression? 

Identifying aggression at the beginning stage is important to restrain it before it could cause damage. An untrained eye might fail to notice the changes aggression may bring. To assess the same, a security official should always remember the changes they may go through when they are themselves experiencing aggression.

However, this is not the only thing that would help them to restrain an aggressive person from causing trouble. To observe the changes a security person requires training. Here we have enlisted some of the changes a person goes through when experiencing aggression. This will help you identify and protect a person or a group from causing a major disruption.

Visible Physical Changes

Rapid Breathing Shaking 
Sweating  Clenching of fists, teeth, and jaw
  • Losing patience
  • Restlessness
High pitched voice  Verbal threats
Gestures of threatening Flushed face and skin

Visible behaviour changes


Bad aggressive posture


Change in tone of voice






Feet stamping

Banging or kicking things


Getting oversensitive

Walking away


Coming too close
Name calling or insulting or using sarcasm

Sexual or racial comments


Emotional Abuse

Abusive phone calls



If a person starts displaying the changes in their behavior, the security guard should be able to identify it. Then they should be able to inform the management and control the situation before it escalates to a higher level of damage by turning violent.

The situation can sometimes escalate before coming into notice. For undertaking such situations it is a must for every individual security officer to know de-escalation techniques. To ensure there are proper arrangements and communication the management should provide guards with equipment like handcuffs, walkie-talkie, whistle, etc.

How to respond to the situation?

Even a small little gesture or change can indicate the aggression in a person. This is why a security person should always be aware and alert to tackle such a situation and to identify the wrongdoer. 

Here are some of the ways through which a security personal can affectively protect from any such out busts.

  • Notice and identify people who pose as potential threats.
  • Calculate the risk in the situation.
  • Use de-escalation techniques
  • No mistakes and carelessness in documenting the event.
  • Check on hazards if any and take them out
  • Should be understanding and display empathy
  • Never to take hostility personally
  • Be alert and controlling on the self reaction on aggression
  • Staying and keeping others calm 
  • Present a non-threatening, open stance
  • Making eye contacts but not scaring others 
  • Never show poser to the citizens and workers, but respect.

IPRA has been in the industry for years. With the experience of a veteran and skills and ability of youth, IPRA focus entirely on giving the right training to its security experts. The training also includes identifying the culprit and catching him or her before the destruction even could begin. We make sure our guarding officers are educated enough on all the aspects that can come out as a potential danger to the public or the organization the guards are working at. 

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Best Security Guard Company in Ludhiana,Punjab

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Electronic Security Services to make our home a secure home

Electronic Security Services to make our home a secure home

Home is the place we come to after a long exhausting day. Home is the place where we find joy with our family. Home is the place that makes us feel secure, but have you ever wondered if your home is really secured? Inside the four walls of our house is our world we cannot put in jeopardy. The lives of our family, along with thousands of other vital things are always inside our home and we just cannot risk their security at any cost.

Related: If you are looking for Electronic Security Services in Delhi NCR, call IPRA Security Team at 87508-67774


Electronic Security and Technology has walked along with time and has developed several gadgets that in the present day world can help us keep our homes safe and secure. Burglary, theft, kidnappings, murders, etc. have become a deal of everyday life.

With the development of science and technology, we can now equip our homes with gadgets that will ensure our safety at any given point of time when we are inside our homes. Let’s take a look at all these technologies.

Safety Alarms for windows and doors. 

An intruder will always try to make a force enter in your house. For the purpose, they may use the main entry doors of the house or accessible windows. To ensure safety from a forced entry of intruders in your house, set up alarms on the doors and windows.

These alarms will buzz out into loud noise whenever someone tries to tamper in through the windows and doors.


A peephole is a tiny lens that can easily fit into your front door. This tiny device allows you to see the person standing on the other side of the door even when the door is shut. The barrier between the two people will stay instant while you can have a wide angle look at the person who is standing on the other side of the door. One can easily decide whether to open the door or not after looking through the hole, making it the cheapest security measure in the world.

Biometric locks 

Just like we have it in our phones, even door locks now have bio metric systems. All one has to do is put their finger on the biometric system. If they have their fingerprint in the system, the door will open, if not, the door will remain locked.

The system is being used in several MNCs around the world to ensure only the authorised employees enter the offices and particular departments. The same locks can easily be used for home security too. Soon, the Iris and face recognition software will be out in the market too.

Internet connectivity 

While you are away let your systems and internet do the job for you. When you are going away, you can place your house on a security system that will ensure no entry is made in the house. If there is any seemingly change, the system will give a quick update of the same to you and to the best security company in Delhi for your house that you have chosen. 

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are the most popular and incredibly ensuring modes of safety. Almost all the places are now equipped with CCTV cameras to keep a close look at every single corner of your home. You can simply install the camera and have access to your phone for an uninterrupted look around your house. 

Smart Lights

Install smart lights in your house that turns on automatically after the sun has gone down after it senses a presence in the room. This will make an intruder hesitant to enter the house. And if the intruder is already in, this will work as a silent alarm that the intruder won’t understand but you will. 

Smart applications

There is always a possibility of a disaster like a fire break out happening. While there is a chance it may stay contained in one region, there is a great chance of it spreading too. At such a time, there is a very high risk of a device or electronic appliance getting in contact with fire and busting out like a bomb destroying your entire house. 

Today, there are smart appliances present in the market. These appliances turn themselves off if they sense any sudden changes in the temperature or the voltage of electricity to save from any malfunction and harm. 

Installation of these devices can be difficult but you do not have to do it all on your own. Give a call to IPRA Security Solutions, a Top security agency in Delhi that keeps your security and safety as their prime concern.

IPRA Team of highly trained professionals will come to your house, install all the devices, will explain to you the control and working of it, and will even ensure the safety backup by the company if you need and opt for it without any trouble. 


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Best Security Guard Company in Ludhiana,Punjab

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Why hire a facility management company in delhi ?

Why hire a facility management company in delhi ?

Taking care and maintaining a facility is not a light job. The work cannot be handled by a single or even a couple of individuals. When it comes to managing a commercial facility, it becomes exceptionally important to hire the best of facility management companies in Delhi NCR who are highly trained to work in the dynamics of different facilities.

Every single facility, be it a shopping mall, a medical center or a hospital, a university, or any other property with a systematic approach of working standards, it becomes essential to hire the most efficient company providing facility management services in Delhi NCR.

Our highly trained professionals at IPRA Security Solutions Pvt ltd have been educated to work under and in collaboration to the dynamics of every different facility with flexibility in adaptation of the work approach the facility follows.

To help you out through the process, here are some of the essential reasons to hire a facility management company.

Maintaining Focus

Focusing on the work and essentials is the major aspect every single employee of the company is supposed to inculcate and express out of their work.

If the company’s focus will stick to the odd jobs like keeping the hygiene intact, regular cleaning, regulating the maintenance of washrooms, taking care of the gardens of the facility etc. the growth of the company will defiantly get hampered.

Thus, to take care of these odd jobs, the company should hire a facility management company and shed off the stress to put cumulative focus on growth of the company.

Instant solutions

Every facility gets a major part of their electric supply by their own generated energy. Be it inventors or solar panels, the connection may get interpreted at times due to minor or major fault. A large or even a small facility cannot work with electricity problems even for a couple of minutes.

In the situation of a fault in electric connections, an electrician is needed on the urgent basis. A freelance electrician may take hours to reach the facility and then mend the problem. But with a facility management company, they have all the help available right at the property.

Be it a hospital, a hotel, a university or any such venue, the work is needed to be done without any delay in time.

Financial Management

A company runs basically to grow on a fine or fast pace both with the reputation and standards of their work, and financially.

When you own a facility, you also need to take care of every single aspect of the work needs to get done on every day basis or occasionally.

A facility needs cleaners, gardeners, and maintenance workers etc to keep the facility running. The company cannot hire full time staff for the same as some of these workers are only needed once in a while. This may inculcate a major amount of stamp on the finances of the company.

This is why, when it comes to the maintenance and other works, it is always better to hire a facility management company and let them do their own job in the budget who has signed on the contract with them keeping the finances in control and saving money.

Hygiene maintenance

A company may hire workers to keep the facility clean. These workers perhaps won’t be able to clean the facility thoroughly with right measures of hygiene taken in.

A facility management company does not only hire and maintain their employees working on the facility, they are also provided with the right training for maintenance of the property.

From every single window, to every tile on the floor, to every single bathroom stall is needed to be cleaned every single day to maintain the hygiene of the facility. A facility management company works to ensure complete hygiene.

Stock Inventory

A massive property or facility requires a huge number of products every single day. From cleaning detergents and liquids, to toilets papers, to sanitizers and hand washes, and a lot more.

The refilling of the products and maintaining stock inventory for the same is also done by a facility management company. It saves the management staff of the company from shopping lists and a lot of stress. 

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Best Security Guard Company in Ludhiana,Punjab

If you're in need of top-notch security services in Ludhiana, look no further than IPRA Security Services. With a team of highly trained and experienced security guards, advanced security technology, and a commitment to meeting the specific needs of their clients,...

7 Tips for you to keep in mind when hiring a security agency in Delhi

7 Tips for you to keep in mind when hiring a security agency in Delhi

Living in a world where crimes like theft and burglary are common occurrences, it becomes crucial for people to keep their properties safe and secured. It is even more important for those of you, who are running active businesses and commercial activities, to consider ways in which you can assure the safety of your premises in a reliable way.

Under such conditions, hiring a Best security agency in delhi, with dependable professionals and services becomes priority. 

Here are 7 tips for you to consider when hiring a security agency in delhi  for your work/home:


1. Find out about the reputation of the agency you have in mind:


There are many ways of checking on the top security companies in Delhi—via. a simple google search, reading up reviews and ratings online on various platforms, even checking out their social media pages and presence.

This will help you give an idea about the kind of work the agency is currently doing.

 2. Know for sure if the agency is PSARA licensed:

All top security agencies have licenses and certification from the government.

Find out if the agency in your mind is licensed with valid service approval and insurance, so that in case of emergencies you are able to claim insurance and get suitable support.

  3. Get Info on how the agency trains and hires their security guards:

Security guards make for the deciding element in your search, as they are the key people responsible for protecting your premises.

It’s important for you to then find out how well have the security guards been trained, if they are capable of handling security violations professionally, what are their backgrounds, if they are equipped with the right security tools and protocols etc.

Answers to these questions will guide your search effectively, and you’ll know whether the guards are suited to your company’s needs!


4.Important to know whether the agency delivers 24×7 security:


Especially for commercial premises, security services need to be in place all day(s), with no exception.

The security agency should be willing to give you security guards on a 24-hour basis, even on days with public holidays, with the availability of guards on a rotational basis.

It should be comfortable in guaranteeing the presence of security personnel on Sundays, night-shifts and festival-days too, basically round-the-clock.


5. Ascertain what services the security agency provides:


By finding out about the types of security services the agency provides, you’ll also get a fair idea about your needs. Security company makes sure to deliver to you proper electronic security services and  surveillance like CCTV and other equipment which is under warranty, top and well-trained security personnel with experience.

You should also be sure to find a little about whether the agency provides arms to its guards or not. If your requirement is of armed guards, the agency should be able to take care of that.


6. Find out if the security professionals come uniformed or not:


Professional security agencies make sure their guards follow a uniformed clothing including police-like outfits, similar t-shirts etc.

Whether they are needed for watching over company compounds or for an event, it is important for security guards to look professionally dressed.

It gives an official impression to the on-lookers while also making sure that people in the surrounding are aware of the guard’s presence. 


7. Determine the cost of the security plan and if it fits your budget:


Although a cheap security plan would seem attractive at first, a good security agency providing you with the right services is worthy of the expense incurred.

That is not to say security services are expensive, but rather how you may need to spend an adequate amount to procure quality security services.

Top security agencies need not be expensive, but provide professional and reliable services in exchange of appropriate charges.

So, it is important you find out if the agency providing security guard services matches your affordability and overall security needs for the money you are spending on it. Significantly though, safety is priority—spend wisely!


In this day and age, security and protection of properties becomes a necessary exercise. A top security company should be ready to satisfy all your surveillance needs, be it night shifts, CCTV coverage or even customizing training of the security guards. With booming security agencies in the country, a huge range of protection services are provided to businesses and households now.

A great suggestion would be to go with a top security agency like IPRA Security Solutions Pvt Ltd, for they come at a great price with trust-worthy services and have been named as the best security company in Delhi.


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Best Security Guard Company in Ludhiana,Punjab

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Why do we need security guard services during an emergency?

Why do we need security guard services during an emergency?

An emergency comes uninvited and leaves with a serious impact on us, it is your responsibility as the business owner to understand the seriousness of the consequences this can cause.

An emergency can be life threatening in the workplace like break out of a fire, an electric circuit mishap, an invasion by intruders or thieves, threats, etc.

There are a lot of emergency situations that can lead to a serious threat to the life of the employees and everyone in the property.

However, the risk is not just on the lives, but on the property as well as the sacred information preserved inside the compact safes of the workplace.

The leak or destruction of these precious assets can cause a halt in the affairs of government organisational tasks, public life, corporate offices, and even local and small scale businesses.

Security Guards as Knights

A well trained, equipped, and experienced security guard can prove to be your knight in the uniform at times of emergency and crisis. It is not an option but a necessity for an organisation to hire a security guard agency to stay in the safest place. You can rest and leave the responsibility of your security on shoulders of IPRA Security Solutions Pvt Ltd.

What role do security guards play in an emergency?

An emergency in the office place or workplace can include several situations. Naturally occurring situations can be considered under emergencies like a bomb alert, a fire breakout, a flood situation, a storm, or any events like these.

Then there can be a different category of emergencies like a scam, a theft, a conspiracy, a false fire alarm, etc. all coming out as a serious and outraging threat to the organisation. 

So what are the measure security guards take to act in such situations? Do they receive the right training to control such a situation by causing panic?

To answer it, yes they are professionally trained right and certified to handle such situations.

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Roles played by a security guard

To contain a situation of emergency, security guard agencies  provide the essential training to its guards.

In the training, they are educated with preparing a plan of escape or finding the culprit right away with minimal waste of time, on how to use the equipment, and how to take human resources and all the vital resources to safer territory.

The security guard or the chief is the handler of system alerts. They are trained with the instructions on the usage of the alert systems by their employer.

Guards are well trained with a quick amendment of identification, prevention, and management for restraining such events to save hampering the business with any losses.

The security guards are trained to concentrate their focus on minimising or occurrence of any disaster and mishaps to lower down any loss or destruction.

Their prime focus is settled on


Employees’ safety

Employees are the backbone of any business. It is impossible to run a business without loyal, hardworking, and work oriented employees.

Our security guards understand the importance of the safety of the employees of the business and company. This is why their prime commitment refers to the safety of the employees in any and every condition, no matter how hazardous it gets.

At times, just the presence of a security guard and worker can restrain a conspiracy or theft with the fear of authority present around.

Customer’s safety

Understanding the fact that a business is worthless without its customers, our security guards understand how preciously and extensively it is important for the business to make safety and security of their clients in every situation when they are on the campus.

The security guards are well trained and know it is of the utmost importance to get the customers to safe territories.

Safety of precious information

Every single piece of equipment is vital in an organisation and costs a hefty amount.

Other than that, an organisation is built on the blocks of sensitive information that serves as the basic ingredients of the organisation. No business can afford for this information to be leaked or the equipment to be destroyed.

Our security guards understand the importance of these pillars of your business and are well trained to save the vitals in any circumstances.

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Best Security Guard Company in Ludhiana,Punjab

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