Emerging Security Trends and Technology Shaping the Industry

In this current socio-economy ambient, corporates & industries are seeing greater focus on securing premises, protecting assets, equipment, information and onsite valuables more than ever. Technology advancement & Universalization has accelerated deployment of more robust, comprehensive and multifaceted approach of security measures by utilizing latest and unparalleled technology which is helping to shape new trends unto the physical security performance.

This is mainly attributed by the fact that majority of users and organizations across the industries demands controlled access for designated areas/premises, safeguard sensitive data locations, protect assets and information.

The past couple of years have been unprecedented for the world transforming everything from work culture to customer behaviour. In the security industry, the pandemic has deeply influenced innovation. From thermal scanning to drone systems and edge solutions, a lot is happening in the physical security landscape to enable businesses to operate in a secure manner. In fact, a majority of the current physical security solutions are geared towards reducing human interaction in potentially dangerous situations like the use of touch less entry and remote monitoring techniques.

Smart technology is continuously progressing towards making security more proactive and security solutions more flexible shaping the security industry.

Let us delve into these future security trends with technology advancements and possible scenarios in physical security:

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

Advanced AI techniques like machine learning using predictive analytics will make statistical decision making more accurate. These techniques could be further used in intelligent video analytics and other proactive monitoring solutions enhancing the overall efficacy of security programs. A variety of applications for AI powered technologies exist, including proactive monitoring video analytics, false alarm filtering, enhancing operator productivity, finding abnormalities and more. AI can become truly useful as it is quickly evolving into a preventative tool, allowing security professionals to avoid crime from happening rather than merely being a forensic analysis tool that is utilised after an incident.

  1. Advanced Video Analytics:

Video analytics software is evolving to help make surveillance operations more efficient. They can be used to detect motion, read license plates, count people and more. In the case of physical security and video monitoring, video analytics software is primarily used to detect crime.

  1. Mobile-Reinforced Security Technology:

New technologies combined with traditional manned guarding techniques will bring the benefits of virtual guarding. Remote Guarding with Mobile-Reinforced Security Technology combines tools like motion alarms and sensor cameras with random site security patrols to provide high level of security.

  1. Greater Emphasis on Risk Analysis:

Security is about managing and mitigating risk. Risk management and risk mitigation are at the heart of security in all its manifestations.

Reacting after something has happened is costly and can threaten the safety of people, data or property.  To prevent this from occurring, companies want to identify and assess potential risks first (physical, human and data), and assemble solutions to ensure they are ready to proactively respond if something goes wrong.  The main focus will be on risk rather than security.

  1. Physical Security and Cyber security convergence:

Another significant trend is combining Physical Security with Cyber Security approach. Given the new security landscape where data and IT systems are intrinsically connected to physical security, companies also start rethinking their strategies and apply a comprehensive approach to ensure the protection of sensitive data. Although cyber security is essential for protecting assets and avoiding expensive data breaches, it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of these breaches originate from within the business and happen in tandem with a physical security breach. So, implementing robust physical security measures to safeguard locations where sensitive data is kept is necessary. It implies treating physical security and cyber security as one rather than as separate business entities.

  1. Drone Security Could Make an Appearance:

Drones have become less expensive and some organizations are using them for surveillance purposes. Unlike CCTV cameras drones can move around to get any angle. Nevertheless, there are still some issues & challenges with drones, but in future Drone Security could make an appearance as a security trend on the part of physical security with the help of AI technology with better security approach.

Security as a service is constantly evolving. As a leading security organization, IPRA Security continuously evaluates the new technology advancement and focuses on hybrid security strategy solutions to the customers. Be it manned guarding physical security services or latest technology advancement offerings, we constantly endeavour to provide innovative security solutions to help organizations thrive.

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